A touch of love and elegance to your loved ones!

About Us

Welcome to petals.ph.
It has always been the thought of “what makes us happy?” 
As we get along with life, blossoming flowers have been part of it, how we enjoyed Flores de Mayo back then. 
Hi, I’m Aileen, one of the owners of the business. As a registered nurse coming from Negros Occidental, I’ve witnessed how flowers serve as a form of happiness to an individual. I‘m able to see sweet bouquets in patient’s room given by a loved one; it makes them smile and a touch of comfort was delivered. Right there and then, flowers became my all- time mood stabilizer. 
On the other hand, Rowena was given a chance to explore a flower business in Malaysia. With her expertise and determination, combined with our passion, petals.ph is born!
Petals.ph answered our question. Yes, this is what makes us happy. 
“A touch of love and elegance” to your loved ones!
Give us a chance to deliver this happiness right there in your doorsteps .
Let’s start our journey together!
God bless us all.
Rowena and Aileen